Karen Friedman

Co-Owner, Co-Director, and Nutritionist

"My purpose is to be a source of connection for women so they can feel seen and understood while stepping into their energy, confidence, and independence. "

At first, Karen was interested in yoga only as a way of physical fitness, so she began studying yoga in 2001. It didn’t take her too long when she began to notice the subtle inner changes as well. Karen began to feel more balanced, energized, peaceful, compassionate, and less emotionally reactive in her daily life and discovered her practice, and the lessons learned “on the mat” spilled into her life “off the mat”.

Similar to Brian's experience, Karen came from the same vigorous yoga practice.  On the opposite end of the spectrum,  her experience left her frustrated, because she was not able to keep up and was limited in what she could do in class due to not being flexible enough. She also began pulling back on her practice and how she taught yoga.  When Brian and Karen met, it was an instant connection of like minds, as both of them had similar philosophies on yoga and how to teach it.    

Karen’s credentials include:

  • Co-Owner and Co-Director of Winter Garden Yoga
  • Administrator, Winter Garden Yoga
  • Certified Yoga Instructor (Functional Yoga Instruction)
  • Certified to Teach Yin Yoga
  • Certified Nutrition Consultant (Metabolic Effect)
  • Creator and Facilitator of the renowned online course Burn Fat Forever
  • Creator and Facilitator of the popular online course Meditation Made Simple
  • Creator and Facilitator of the well-known Yin Yoga digital download
  • Over 3,000 hours of practical teaching experience
  • Expertise in Chakras, Energy Healing, and Yin Yoga
  • Expertise in Meditation