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6 Month VIP SILVER 2x per Week Package
$99.00 every month
Terminates after: 6 months
***Classes will be added to your account within 24 hours.
This is a monthly investment of $99 per month. You get 52 classes to use in 6 months. This gets the single class rate down to $12.50 instead of $20 per class. You are not bound to a specific yoga class schedule. Attend any class that works for your schedule. If you miss a class or two in a week, you do not lose them, they stay in your class bank, and you can make the classes up any time before the end of your commitment. The goal and the best results are coming eight times a month.
Our VIP packages include accountability (we will check in with you if we do not see you and we help you stay on track with your classes and your goal), check-ins to make sure you are reaching your goals, free seminars, free challenges, discounted workshops, a fantastic community, free VIP Facebook board, and much, much more. You get a ton of value in addition to the yoga classes.
If you are serious about your health and wellness goals, our VIP packages are the best way to go!
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