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*Results may vary from person to person.


"You Cannot Give From An Empty Well"


I knew I had to take care of me and get some ‘me’ time. 

If you don’t fill up the well, you have nothing with which to replenish other people’s needs. You’ve got to fill up the well. All of my friends know that on yoga days I’m not going to be around for phone calls and stuff. All of my friends support my decision to make my well being a priority. In fact, my sons are my biggest fans. And you know what? The world kept turning, my kids are still alive, and the dog got fed. 

Try Winter Garden Yoga because there’s no reason to be on the fence … the exception would be if someone is looking for one of those crazy new-age hot yoga or turn yourself into a pretzel place because those are fads. At WGY, only the real, core principles remain true. And that’s what I see at Winter Garden Yoga. They are truly interested in helping people improve their lives. 

Winter Garden Yoga is not a fad. Winter Garden Yoga is real.


She Got Great News From Her Doctor


“My posture changed in about six months since I started at Winter Garden Yoga. And the best part was at my last check-up when my doctor said, ‘You’re not shrinking! You’re doing good.’” I was so excited to hear such great news. Then she asked me, ‘what are you doing?  I said I’m going to Winter Garden Yoga. That’s when my doctor said, ‘That’s the best thing!’

Winter Garden Yoga is so different because they care. They actually care about people. At WGY there’s no pain. The best thing is that my back is so much better. I was bedridden for three months from lifting weights.

My hour for my yoga is mine. You can make it. Every time I hear somebody who needs help, I invite them to come to class with me. But they always have an excuse. 

Don’t let anything stop you.   It will be the best decision you’ve ever made.


"I Am So Thankful For Winter Garden Yoga"

My back muscles are stronger. I’m more flexible and balance has improved beyond my expectations. But the benefits don’t stop there. I feel welcomed and accepted in the studio. Encouragement and calm are unexpected gains.

Phrases like, “Don’t push to pain.” “Your technique is more important than how deep the pose.” “Pat yourself
on the back for showing up for yoga” are giving me more confidence, a better outlook, and an ongoing feeling of calm.

The instructors and my practice at Winter Garden Yoga are making such a difference. Being a VIP at Winter Garden Yoga is a wonderful experience and is adding to my quality of life with each practice.

I’m so thankful for Winter Garden Yoga.


"Since Day One, I Have Always Felt Welcome"


I have been attending Winter Garden Yoga for 8 months next week and since Day 1 I have always felt welcome and NEVER did I feel like I couldn’t do it.  The teachers at WGY pay attention to all of their students and walk thru the room while teaching and guide you in doing your poses correctly and safely.

Joining Winter Garden yoga has been a wonderful experience and no matter how tired I am at the end of my day at work I never feel like it’s a chore to go to yoga.  The teachers and owners know you by name and they actually take the time to speak with you and make sure my goals are being met.

If anyone is not sure whether to join and to become a VIP I would say give it a try.

You will not be disappointed.

We only live once and how we treat our bodies is so very important!  Keep an open mind when you enter the doors to your yoga experience at Winter Garden Yoga and enjoy it!


"I Look Forward to Every Yoga Class"


Winter Garden Yoga’s philosophy of “no pain” and “experts with Beginners” caught my eye.

I have never been interested in yoga before always thinking that it was too slow and not enough cardio for me. I scheduled a class the following Monday and that is when I began my new yoga journey. 

I was hooked!

I signed up that night after class as a VIP and never looked back.  The studio made me feel like I am a real part of the community.

Since I started yoga in April of 2017, I have noticed that there are many areas of my body that have
firmed up. My joint and hip pain has decreased. The big surprise is how flexible I have become even at
my age.

All the yoga poses are always explained and demonstrated in-depth. I appreciate the time and effort the instructors take to ensure that everyone fully gets it.

Try Winter Garden Yoga. You will not regret the decision.

With WGY you will not just be another client. You will be a part of the WGY family.

I look forward to every yoga class that I attend and cannot wait to go back.


The First Time She Walked In,

She Knew She Found Her Home


There are so many benefits I’m feeling as a result of sticking to my commitment to a regular yoga practice.

I am definitely more toned. I had back issues from a car accident years ago and I no longer have that pain in my lower back. I am more positive about dealing with life.

WGY has taught me to live in the moment which is definitely the answer to me for depression and anxiety.

I have learned so much that goes along with each yoga pose.

I live a more content and peaceful life.

I love the instructors at Winter Garden Yoga. Each and every one of them has made such a positive impact on my life and truly teaches me something new each and every time I come to my mat.

I love the great friendships I have made at WGY and the bond I have with some very awesome women. I have formed relationships here that have changed my life.

Bobbie’s Message To You …

Get off the fence!   WGY has truly changed my life in so many ways!

Body, mind, and spirit.

It has truly been a beautiful journey and I look forward to seeing what else unfolds for me.

Learn to put yourself first for a change as I did. You will be so thankful you did!


"For Me, Winter Garden Yoga Has Been A Miracle"


I'm feeling good. Every time I go to Winter Garden Yoga I get stronger and I don’t want to miss it. Winter Garden Yoga is a part of my life. It’s been a godsend for me; it’s been a miracle.

I really likes the instructors because they are very in tune with their students and they are in tune with helping people.

I’ve been to a lot of other studios before and I didn’t find that. That was not where the instructors were coming from. They were into the poses but they weren’t interested in me personally. I feel that the instructors at WGY are concerned with everybody… I really like that. 

None of the instructors belittled me for coming out of a pose when I needed a break the emphasis is always on how the pose feels instead of how does the pose look.

Go to Winter Garden Yoga once and try it. Go and give it a chance because I think you’ll find it’s exactly what you’re looking for. 

I thought I’d never be free of the pins and needles running down my left leg. I don’t have it now. Winter Garden Yoga truly changed my life. 


She Became Stronger And Healthier


Once I had made the commitment to start on my journey to feeling healthier, I went online and did some research, looking for a yoga studio where I could find instructors who would take the time to explain the moves and poses, and not expect the participants to know everything walking in the first time.

Because my work schedule can be crazy, I needed to find classes that I could attend at different times during the week.  Winter Garden Yoga was that studio.

I’ve been a life-long migraine sufferer, and since joining WGY, I’ve learned how to work my muscles and joints to help relieve the stress that triggers my headaches.

In addition, my posture has really improved.  I find myself standing more upright, with my shoulders down instead of pulled up toward my ears (something I’ve always done).  And I’m sleeping better too!

Without a doubt, the instructors are the thing I like most about WGY.  They truly care about the students, and making sure we are all in a good place mentally and physically when we’re in class.

There is no judgment nor criticism, just great people helping others to learn how to be healthy in a safe way.

No matter what frame of mind I’m in when I head to yoga, I always feel great when I leave!

Jump over to the WGY side!  You won’t regret it!  It took me a while to get there myself, but I’m so glad I did.  I feel stronger, healthier and more knowledgeable about how to work with my own body to stay that way.

Winter Garden Yoga is AWESOME!


She Never Thought She’d Run Again


My acupuncturist told me that the instructors [at Winter Garden Yoga] taught yoga in a way that focused on technique and that they would take the time to help make sure I did the poses correctly so my body posture would improve, my muscles would strengthen and I would have a good chance of returning to the full physical capabilities I had in the past.

Now, I am walking up to two miles a day again!  Yesterday, I ran 6 blocks in the rain!  My hips are becoming more open, I feel stronger and the time I spend dealing with pain now is minimal!

I like everything about Winter Garden Yoga and it is hard to say if one thing or another is my favorite.

The instructors are so helpful and show an interest in me as well as everyone else who attends the classes.  I was pleasantly surprised to receive emails and phone calls from Karen checking in on my progress.  

When you join WGY, you get a family of professionals who care about you and your health.  You get a full package deal as a VIP of Winter Garden Yoga!

You have nothing to lose!  Try it out!


She Wanted to Feel Strong and Fit


I really enjoy the strength (mentally and physically) I gain each time I attend class.

The instructors are never on auto-pilot and are always coming up with new and interesting poses and tips on how to gain more flexibility and strength.

The things I like best about Winter Garden Yoga are messages like, never push to pain, breathe, meditation – feeling safe, secure, and happy.

And the reminder that each time you come to practice yoga it can be different because our bodies are feeling different every day.

Marty’s Message To You …

Stop trying to peek in the window, come in and you will feel welcome. You practice and learn at your own pace and will never feel you have to keep up with anyone, only please yourself to meet your goals.


How She Put Herself Together

(After the Gym Tore Her Apart)


I had been going to [a big box gym] for several years and met with a trainer once per week. I spent a lot of money each month on weekly training sessions and I was getting the opposite results that I was looking for. When I saw this happening I realized I was throwing my money away.

I decided to do a google search for a yoga studio in the area because I realized I need to do a more low impact exercise that also incorporated more stretching. That’s when I found Winter Garden Yoga.I was a little nervous going to my first class because I really didn’t know how much I could or could not do and I didn’t want to look stupid.

I loved the first class and knew this was exactly where I wanted to be and signed up for a membership right away.

I started going twice per week and within a couple of weeks, I was no longer taking Advil or Aleve every day for my neck, back, and shoulder pain. I would sleep great at night and I could move my neck around and it no longer hurt. I’ve had upper back/shoulder pain for years and years and was now pain-free.

I was amazed!

Within the first month, my knees no longer hurt. I could actually walk up the stairs without holding onto the rail and I really didn’t think that yoga would have helped this.

Feeling good affects every aspect of your life, and I’ve found myself to be much happier and have a better outlook on life now because my stress level has been lowered, I can take longer walks and can easily chase my dog up and down the stairs when we are playing.

It’s obvious to me that Brian, Karen, and the other instructors truly care about every person that walks in the door.

They want to make sure I’m reaching the goals that I have set for myself and they check in with me to see how I’m doing and offer help in any way that they can.

I love that I can have a very stressful day at work, go to WGY, and leave feeling completely centered, calm, and ready for the next day.

I make it a practice, as they recommend, to leave everything at the door when I walk in. This way the yoga studio immediately is calming for me when I walk in the door.

A belief is only a thought you keep on thinking. So if you think you can’t do it, then change the thought and try WGY. Make the investment in yourself, your health, and your future.

51 Powerful Reasons to Try Winter Garden Yoga from WGY Clients

*Results may vary from person to person.


  • “Changing my life…one pose at a time!”
  • “I can honestly say that Brian and his team have developed a world-class community here at Winter Garden Yoga.”
  • “I love that you can feel comfortable and benefit just as much no matter what level you are.”
  • “My pain and stress level has diminished more than I ever imagined.”
  • “The best teachers you can find are all here!”
  • “You can get fit and de-stress at the same time.”
  • “This studio is the best.”
  • “No judgments just helpful, genuine love of yoga and how it can benefit you.”
  • “I’m new to yoga. I felt comfortable from day one.”
  • “I was looking for a yoga studio that was more “Yoga” and less “gym-like” and found not only this, but also a studio that offers personal development…”
  • “I’m in good shape and feel great! If you want lasting results, become a VIP at WGY.”
  • “For anyone hesitant to try out Yoga, I definitely recommend giving WGY a try.”
  • “Fantastic! True to advertising ‘no flexibility required’ as I am a testament to that"
  • In just the first month I was changed for the better both inside and out.”
  • “The instructors and the other students were so warm and welcoming.”
  • “Winter Garden Yoga has Changed My Life.”
  • “After 6 weeks, I noticed muscles that are NEW, and my chiropractor told me that I am strong. My massage therapist has even commented about the positive changes in my muscles.”
  • “I’ve tried several other places through the years but winter garden yoga is the place that I stay with!”
  • “You don’t have to be flexible.”
  • “…noncompetitive and emphasis on not doing postures that have no benefit and could cause bodily harm.”
  • “’Zen’ space with instructors that take interest in their clients on an individual basis…”
  • “I am feeling better and losing fat!”
  • “You feel great when you leave each class and look forward to the next one.”
  • “This is the first time in my life I’ve looked forward to exercising and love going to class.”
  • “I dropped 8 -10 lbs. and have gone down at least 2 sizes in clothing.”
  • “I noticed after attending class for one week that my back and knee pain had gone away.”
  • “I lost weight and many inches and gained strength, balance, and self-esteem.”
  • “I feel so much less stress and pain than when I started a month ago.”
  • “I have never experienced YOGA like this.”
  • “Winter Garden Yoga is great — a relaxing experience and a good workout without pain.”
  • “Even my husband (a non-yoga person) loved it!”
  • “I have so much respect and trust for the whole staff. I have also made many wonderful and caring friends.”
  • “I would recommend this yoga studio in a heartbeat.”
  • “I am not as stiff in the mornings when I get out of bed.”
  • “I have better posture.”
  • “It has nothing to do with how flexible you are. You do what is comfortable for your own body.”
  • “… smaller classes at WGY and the personal attention…”
  • “Winter Garden Yoga made me feel that it was OK not to be able to do a pose.”
  • “I have not felt this good since graduating High School in 1979.”
  • “Physically, I feel like I’m in the best shape I’ve been in since I was a teenager.”
  • “My body is getting a little bit leaner. [My friends] are starting to notice.”
  • “I’ve gained back a lot of my former energy and lost 7 pounds!”
  • “My pain level had diminished by at least 75%. I no longer rely on the medication.”
  • “It was the best decision of 2014!”
  • “I felt so rejuvenated at the end of the practice that the tasks set for the day did not seem so daunting.”
  • “I have lost 20 pounds and 4 inches.”
  • “Yes my clothes feel better now but more importantly I feel strong.

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