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How To Do Side Plank (Safely)

Always get clearance from your doctor or healthcare provider before trying any new exercise or exercise program. In this informative video from Winter Garden Yoga, we’ll learn a safer way to perform the side plank. I’ll offer you a solid progression in order to gradually feel confident in your ability to build your side abs. […]

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Yoga Abs (By Request)

Always consult with your doctor or healthcare provider before trying any new exercise or exercise program. “What’s a good move for my abs?” It’s a great question I get a lot. And most folks are surprised when I suggest something as simple as the Dead Bug … simple .. but not easy. 1) Lie flat […]

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These Five Valuable Tips Will Make You Stronger (And Toned)

Are there any tips to get stronger and have more tone? It could be for yoga. It could be for bodyweight training. Or it could be for kettlebells. It’s a brilliant question a lot of people ask. But what’s the answer? Part of the solution comes from your willingness to make a positive change in […]

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Our Bottom 5 Blog Posts of 2015

Why on earth would I share our least popular blog posts of 2015? Who knows? You may get something valuable from them the second time around. If you missed it, here’s our Top 5 Blog Posts from 2015. Now onto our not-so-popular posts…   #5 – What Type of Person Are You? This blog explores […]

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This Is Good For Your Butt

If done correctly, the half bridge will strengthen and tone your glutes, legs, and abs. In fact, this version of the half bridge made it to Tim Ferriss’ list of exercises that actually work for shaping and toning the glutes (see the very popular book,  The Four Hour Body for more details). Check out this great […]

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[Video] Your Abs’ Evil Twin Sister

  Here is the final installment of our four part blog series dedicated to developing your core. In this very fascinating video clip, you will see me demonstrating the fourth and final step in optimizing your abs: the bird dog (or sometime called the quadruped). I like the bird dog  because it does for the back of your body what […]

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