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How To Boost Your Energy, Tone, and Calm

Have you ever wished you had more energy? More tone? More calm? Wake up in the morning. Plug yourself into a smartphone charger. Voila! The work is done for you. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, getting those results isn’t that easy. Not yet. There may be such a breakthrough in the future. But for now, human […]

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One Key Ingredient to Increase Strength

Can yoga make you strong? I used to be weak, sick, & tired all the time. That was about 24 years ago… plus or minus… but I was a relatively young man who should have been in the prime of his life. Instead, I was quite the opposite. During this period of my life, I […]

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This Is Good For Your Butt

If done correctly, the half bridge will strengthen and tone your glutes, legs, and abs. In fact, this version of the half bridge made it to Tim Ferriss’ list of exercises that actually work for shaping and toning the glutes (see the very popular book,  The Four Hour Body for more details). Check out this great […]

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