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She Was On Pins and Needles (Literally)

Are you ready to turn it around? Everyone feels that way once in a while. But sometimes, we don’t when the opportunity to rise up will hit us. It happened to our amazing client, Byrne (pronounced Burn-nee). One minute she was going to surrender to the daily pain in her back and left leg. The […]

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One Important Move Every Yogi Should Do Immediately!

Does this sound familiar? Yoga is about balance. It’s a super common expression you hear in the yoga community. And it refers to several things. One: The soothing balance of energy you experience after a good yoga class. All of the meditative moving and breathing helps your stress levels drop. Two: The improved balance from […]

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The Sure Fire Way You Always Triumph (Or Fail)

*Sigh* When it comes to health and wellness… Have you ever wondered why some people seem to fail and some people seem to triumph? I wonder about it, too. Why do some clients do well with weight loss or muscle tone? Why do other clients fail? What’s the difference between the two? They’re given a plan. They’re […]

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