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4 Simple Ways To Tap Into The Benefits of Yoga.
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If you’ve always wanted to try one of our popular classes, but can’t make it to our studio, our video downloads are perfect for you.

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Are you ready for more energy?

Are you ready for more tone?

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Option #1:

Weekly Lessons

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Brian and Kathy will give you step-by-step tips and tricks to make sure you’re doing Functional Yoga Instruction right.

It’s easy.

Just follow along and you’ll be privy to insider secrets that yogis crave.

Each week for 16 weeks, you’ll get fantastic lessons that include…

-Pain assessment test – How do you know if you’re ready for yoga? This simple test will help.

-Secrets only professionals use for Triangle Pose, Warrior 2, Tree Pose, and many other traditional yoga poses.

-Weekly emails to keep you on track and hold you accountable.

Here’s a sample lesson.

-A certificate of completion at the end of the course.

-Full length, follow along videos for Beginner’s Yoga and Intermediate Yoga.

-A 10 Minute Yoga Video when you’re tight on time.

-Much, much, more! We like to over deliver.

All of this so you can progress at your own pace without being embarrassed.

And it’s all sent straight to your email’s inbox!

Right now, you’ll save an amazing 50% off our usual full price. We can’t keep it at this price point forever, so act now to get all these great benefits at a fantastic rate!

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Option #2:

Beginner's Yoga


For quick access to get started now, you can invest in this single class download.

The foundation of Functional Yoga Instruction begins here.

Follow along with Brian as he takes your through a pain-free, muscle toning Beginner's class.

You'll love it.

You'll feel like you've gotten a workout without the crazy intensity. Plus, you don't have to become a pretzel.

Find out why everyone's talking about the only yoga method that doesn't require flexibility.

Intended for beginner's, but yogis of all levels will get benefit from this sought after video download.

Don't skip this important step.

You can have unlimted experience with this download for the same investment of a single class.

Yes! I want Beginner's Yoga!

Option #3:

Intermediate Yoga


Once you get an understanding of the fundamentals, it's time to introduce extra poses and face fun and new challenges.

Follow along with Kathy as Brian takes you both through an Intermediate Level Class.

You'll go through the classic sun salutations the Functional Yoga Instruction way. It's easy on the joints, great for mobility, and builds strength.

Plus you'll experience different standing poses in addition to reviewing the classics from Beginner's.

You'll love your new found energy.

Grab this download now. It's the same investment as a single class... but you'll get to use it over and over and over again!


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Option #4:

Power Yoga



The Power Yoga sequence is the next step in your Functional Yoga Instruction development.

Follow along with Brian and have fun challenging yourself and taking your yoga to new heights.

You'll develop strength, mobility, and stamina. All in a safe, low impact way.

You can get great results without having to do circus tricks or become a contortionist.

It's recommended that you're familiar with our Beginner's and Intermediate downloads before you try Power Yoga.

Get started today. For the price of a single class, you can visit this download 100s of times.

You'll love the way you feel after this practice!

Yes! I want Power Yoga!