Kathy Hall

Chief Instructor

Thankfully, Kathy’s school teacher didn’t scare her away from yoga completely (you’ll have to ask Kathy for the details). Fortunately, Kathy’s doctors recommended yoga to her as a way to improve her health.  

Enter WGY…

Kathy was introduced to yoga when she came to Winter Garden Yoga as a student. Needless to say, she was hooked after her first class.

Not only did she see a huge improvement in her health, but she also became the strongest she has ever been in her life (at 50 years old)!. 

She believed in the practice at WGY so much that  Kathy became certified to teach Brian Friedman’s method of yoga (Functional Yoga Instruction) and now she shares her passion for yoga and healthy living with the Winter Garden Yoga community. She also works privately with clients for strength training. 

Kathy’s credentials include:

Great Combination

“Kathy is an excellent teacher. She combines great leadership skills, a deep understanding of alignment, and her personal experience to create a truly great yoga class.”~Brian Friedman